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Friday, April 11, 2008

Time Keeps Flying (But are we having fun yet?)

Weird, I just blinked my eyes, and all of a sudden it was Friday night again. Time seems to be moving at the speed of light, between working at the hospital and working at the house. And because it is my bedtime in 4 minutes, here are a few more bullets for your weekly consumption:
  • Last weekend, we were very productive in our house work because we had to get everything ready for our brand new floors to be installed...yay for floors! There was a flurry of dust removal, vacuuming, baseboard removal, baseboard painting, and ceiling painting in a matter of two days. I am very thankful that both sets of our parents were able to come over and help us get some serious work done over the weekend.
  • I am especially thankful for the super duper shop vac that my dad bought us. I swear that thing is powerful enough to just about pull a limb off if you're not careful! It felt so good to finally start cleaning some of the dust and years of dirt that had accumulated in there. A clean house, is a liveable house, but there is still a loooong way to go on the cleaning front from my standards.
  • The thing that has really started to turn this house into an actual home that I would like to live in, is our new floors, which they just finished installing on Thursday. They are in one word...gorgeous! It is very satisfying to see them finally completed. Now all I have to do is try not to have an anxiety attack when the movers are scuffing them up!
  • Monday is moving day. We have already accepted the fact that our house is still a really long way from being done, and that it is just going to have to be a live-in work in progress. This has been a tough one to swallow, but I guess it will somehow all be worth it in the end.
  • Tomorrow our parental crew will be gathering again to help us do some more last minute preparations before move-in day: touching up ceilings, installing light fixtures, cleaning and rehanging our cabinets, and more in depth cleaning/ disinfecting. (Did I mention that the previous owners were really freaking disgusting? For example, there was at least a half inch layer of dust on all the fans and the miniblinds...gross!)
  • Somehow we're going to have to get packed up in time to move Monday afternoon. Even though we only have 3 boxes packed right now, I'm actually not that worried about it, because I think we've pretty much got packing down to a science by now.
  • I keep looking forward to the day when we can finally relax with a beer on our back deck. That will be the greatest feeling of all :)


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