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Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is Me

Following along in the spirit of this post, among a few others, here's my introduction:

Hello, I'm Bean.

Actually Bean is my nickname. (For some reason, I just don't want to put my real name on the internet, even though I'm sure it is already on other people's blogs, and the only people that read this already know who I am.) Bean comes from a longer name that my dad used to call me when I was little (my real name with bean on the end.)

I am addicted to laughing. I tend to find humor in things that most other people don't. One of my fondest memories from childhood is when my brother and sister used to make me laugh so hard at the dinner table I couldn't hardly even chew.

I would describe my personality as: laidback about some things (like budgeting), really anal about other things (like cleanliness), fun-loving, sensitive, compassionate, kind, having a good sense of humor, intelligent (but ignorant about some things like politics and world news), open-minded, and easy to get along with.

I am the best kind of slacker. I do a good job on the things that are important to me. But I slack whenever I know I can get away with it. I am always on time except for when I know I can get away with being late. I am the ultimate procrastinator. I need a lot of structure and a good plan in order to get things done or learn new things. Otherwise, I will just keep putting it off.

I have always been a loyal and dedicated friend. I think I am a good listener and try to give good advice when asked for it. I am usually pretty good about keeping in touch with old friends but sometimes I get frustrated when I feel like I am the only one always trying. If anyone ever needs help with something, I am always willing to drop what I'm doing to be there for them.

I was born on August 16, 1980 and I am a Leo. Leos are supposed to be "powerful, creative, arrogant, intolerant, warm-hearted, and opinionated." My personality does seem to match many of the Leo traits, with some exceptions. It's true that I do like to be in charge, and I have no problem delegating tasks at work. In fact, I really kind of like telling people what to do. However, I tend to be pretty shy in some situations, so that if there is a stronger personality around, I'll let them do the talking. But if they are doing something that I strongly disagree with, I will surely let them know. I also do enjoy being the center of attention, but I don't necessarily seek it out, and I only enjoy it when it's for something positive. I have always thought that I would do well in the performing arts. Although I do have certain insecurities, I am overall a self-confident person, borderline arrogant at times. I usually try to pretend that I am humble, so that I don't seem arrogant. I also tend to be jealous in relationships. If you so much as look at or talk to my man in a certain way, I will instantly give you the evil eye. But I'll be sweet as sugar to your face.

Besides all that.... things I enjoy include: good food/ eating out, having lazy days by the pool, going out for drinks, listening to music, dancing, having game nights, taking walks with my favie, going to the beach, ski vacations, and daydreaming about all the things that I still want to do with my life.


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