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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Great Day in the ATL

Can someone please tell the witch doctor with the voodoo dolls shaped like DD and myself, to quit poking us with pins in all the wrong places?! I don't know what we did, but we have apparently seriously pissed off the karma police.

Late yesterday afternoon I received a call from my beloved, spoken with more fury than I've ever heard in his voice before. On his way home from work, he had stopped at the CVS on Shallowford Rd. in East Cobb to pick up his prescription for allergy medicine. It was around 5pm, the street was rather busy, it was still daylight, and he parked at the first parking spot outside the front door. He went right up to the counter, gave them his name, the lady gave him his medicine, he swiped his card, and he was out of the store in less than five minutes. He was greeted by the sound of the broken car window glass, still crackling from being freshly shattered. His nice leather Kenneth Cole laptop bag with his shiny, new MacBook Pro had been swiped from the back seat of his car in a matter of seconds.

And today, I have felt like ass all day. My throat is sore, my nose has been stuffed up, my voice a little hoarse at times, and I have a zit right above my lip that hurts like hell. The weather has been horrible all day, and I really wish I would have just stayed in today. I had a stressful and rather busy day at work today, and all I wanted to do was drive home, get in my pj's, and snuggle on the couch. Little did I know, there was a certain red PT Cruiser lurking in the oncoming left hand turn lane, slowly inching into my left hand lane, as she was trying to make a left hand turn. I slammed on the breaks as soon as I saw the car in my lane, but my car skidded on the wet, slippery road through the entire intersection and abruptly crashed into hers. Next thing I know, we are both climbing out of our cars in the pouring rain, in the middle of the intersection, surveying the damage, and calling 911. Luckily, we were both OK, although I'm expecting a nice bruise to form on my right knee, which slammed into the dashboard, and my whole entire body is working on feeling like I've just run a marathon.

I'm rather afraid of what tomorrow may bring.


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